Lupe is the newest PIP-abled pup to join Perfectly Imperfect Pups (PIPs). Lupe was found walking the streets with a padlocked collar and a small piece of rope dangling from it. His left leg has deformities in both the radius and ulna.

Veterinarians say the deformities were caused by trauma. Although they don’t know exactly what that trauma was or when it happened, it was likely a very long time ago. His right leg has been compensating for his left leg for so long, that he cannot straighten it out anymore.

He walks on his wrists and side of his leg. He is only 2 years old and has had a very rough start. Considering all things, Lupe is an incredibly brave boy who has adjusted to his terrible condition.

He is loving all the attention he is getting from his humans and dogs, he even loves little kids! PIPs NEEDS help. Lupe will need at least one to two surgeries and physical therapy to get him on the right track to healing. We are expecting his care to be between $6,000-$10,000, depending on what is going on. Please consider donating, sharing, and helping Lupe have the absolute best life possible.