Holiday shopping can put a damper on anyone’s monthly budget! It is my mission to share with you all, that sometimes it’s just a matter of thinking outside the box to get creative with some personalized gift ideas. You can put them together for way under budget. Check out how I created some cute home spa kit gift baskets for some of my loved ones for the holidays.

First, I took a trip to the local Dollar Tree to purchase the items for the gift basket I wanted to make for friends. I thought a spa day at home would be a fun way to spend an evening practicing self care. Initially, I gathered a couple nail polish colors + top coat. Then I added emery boards, face masks, spa socks, and a mini mani pedi kit. These were perfect additions to this gift basket. By the way, I spent less than $10 on each basket I made.

Next, picking a basket for this gift idea was on my list and there were some cute Elf and Santa themed baskets that I thought would be perfect.

In order to put this together as a gift, I used white tissue paper that I got at Dollar Tree to create a base. From there it was a matter of stacking all of the items to hold them in place with the tissue paper. Presentation is everything, so I began using the largest items in the back and worked my way forward to the smaller items.

I added all my items to the basket and arranged them in a way that made me happy with the presentation.

Next, I wanted to add some personalized gift tags (that I purchased in bulk on Amazon), a white paint marker, and some holiday florals I purchased at Dollar Tree to give it a more complete look.

I took the flower blooms off the stems and cut the pinecones at their wire base to begin filling in the empty space of my gift basket to give it a polished holiday vibe.

My last step was attaching the holiday gift tag to the basket itself to get it ready to give recipients. I love finding ways to get creative and stay on budget! I know the recipients of these baskets are going to love them. I hope you found this project inspiring to try with any friends or family that you still have on your shopping list this holiday season.

About Arts & Classy:

Meredith is a NEW homeowner in the Triangle area, specifically Clayton, NC. She relocated here from Denver, CO in Summer of 2021. She loves North Carolina and really feels at home in her new community. She has been blogging since 2012 and fell into the DIY design space while trying to solve the problem of decorating her rental homes on a very small budget. She loves furniture flipping, DIY projects, and interior decorating. Making a house feel like HOME is her passion. You can check out her site for more information and links to fun projects she is tackling around her new home. You can also follow her on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook @artsandclassy