Durham Bulls Welcomes Peyton St. George as First Ambassador

The Durham Bulls have announced that they have signed star Duke Softball pitcher Peyton St. George to an NIL deal to serve as the official Bulls Brand Ambassador for the 2022 season. As part of this ambassadorship, St. George will showcase behind-the-scenes moments as well as opening nights on social media, promote women’s merchandise, and highlight gluten-free items at the food trucks serving the games. 

via Capitol Broadcasting

St. George was named the first player on the inaugural Duke softball team, joining Rachel Crabtree in earning All-ACC Freshman Team honors. During an impressive softball career at Duke, St. George championed mental health awareness among student-athletes.

“Duke is rated the number one school for student-athletes,” she said in a recent interview. As such, St. George went on to note that Duke provides a plethora of resources to support their athletes – and yet, some student-athletes can still find themselves struggling. “If you start putting your performance [in athletics] as an indicator of your worth,” she said, “[mental health] can spiral…it’s okay to not be okay”.

via Peyton St. George

By speaking openly and honestly about these concerns, St. George hopes to destigmatize mental health struggles. Athletes of all ages, she says, have thanked her for her transparency. We’re looking forward to her continuing mental health advocacy as the Bulls Brand Ambassador. 

We’re not the only ones rooting for St. George’s success.  “We are thrilled to have Peyton as our first Name, Image and Likeness deal and represent the Durham Bulls as a Brand Ambassador for the 2022 season,” said Durham Bulls Vice President of Baseball Operations Mike Birling. 

“Peyton has had an illustrious career with Duke, with many more accomplishments sure to follow. We look forward to helping her share her message while also elevating the Bulls brand in the Durham community and beyond.”

via Peyton St. George

You can congratulate St. George on the ambassadorship at @peytonstgeorge on Instagram. You can also continue this important conversation around student-athlete mental health on our  Instagram and Facebook.  And don’t forget, we’re always looking for more stories to entertain and inspire! Submit yours here.