Five Mobile Triangle Businesses And What They Can Do For You

When getting tasks done you want them to be stress free. Raleigh has a growing scene of unique mobile conveniences that can help you. There’s a range of services which include grooming for your pet, car maintenance, laundry, the choices are endless.

These local mobile businesses provide clients with opportunities to each have an individual experience. More importantly it is a huge timesaver! 

Photo Credit: Medlin Davis Cleaners

Medlin Davis Cleaners

Everyone feels there is never enough time for laundry. This family owned business wants to help take the daily chore of laundry off your list. Medlin Davis is an established cleaning service in the Raleigh area. This pickup and delivery service allows the customer to be anywhere at any time with their schedule which lets them be able to take care of other daily tasks. All you have to do is have the bag ready on a designated day then next time you see the item they’re fresh and clean. There’s a special introductory offer which includes getting $15 in free cleaning. Once you complete the registration, it is $10 off your first month’s bill then $5 off your second month’s bill. 

Photo credit: Warren Gentry

Mechanic Worx

Rich Soto who owns Mechanic Worx will work outside your house rain or shine until the car is fixed. Finding an auto repair service where the customer is not waiting for hours can be a difficult find. With Mechanic Worx you can wait comfortably in your home. services lets you not have the need to worry. Same day service for a repair is even possible. If a part needs to be ordered he works with you to get that piece without having to overpay. pay an arm and a leg for it. He fits the bill of being reliable, fast and hard working. My family and I highly recommended Rich’s services. He has done fantastic work on all of our cars. 

Photo credit: Dr. Sauna

Dr. Sauna

How do you like to end the day? Whether you are undwinding from a hard day or recovering from a workout you can end the day by having a private session in this mobile sauna. People are saying this service is convenient, affordable and a great all around experience. Find him on Instagram and message him for more details.

Photo credit: Sparklin’ Petz Mobile Grooming Spa

Sparklin’ Petz Mobile Grooming Spa

Today, every pet is treated like family so why not have them receive the same haircut services us humans get. All of your pets will get one on one attention in your own driveway. Pets deserve to be relaxed and have their anxieties washed away. Tasha, is a local dog groomer who is certified to create the best looks for your furry ones. She has an extensive background in pet styling, animal science and animal CPR therefore pet owners should not worry about the care of their pets. Tasha’s services costs are determined by size of dog, breed and condition of coat. 

Photo credit: Baily’s


City living brings shopping to the next level. Baily’s is new to the scene and ready to set up shop in your driveway. Baily is the owner of the truck, she has always had a love for fashion. This rolling boutique gives the opportunity to make connections whether you are ready to set up a private party or you follow where her truck goes around the city. She makes it ready and available for a girls night, personal shopping or private appointments.