Gluten-Free Friendly Spots In The Triangle By @glutenfreeinraleigh

As I had often shared on my blog @glutenfreeinraleigh, being a gluten free foodie can be hard. I started eating gluten free after a variety of health issues. Doing so has helped me immensely. While it’s not always easy, I’m so thankful for the many great food spots with tasty gluten free options that show how much fun you can still have without the gluten. 

When my friend, @theraleighdurhamgirl asked me to write a blog listing out some of my favorite spots, I was so excited. After a lot of thought, these are some of my faves, though of course it’s impossible to list them all. 

Photo Credit: @glutenfreeinraleigh
  1. Bull City Ciderworks – One of my favorite spots in the Triangle is Bull City Ciderworks. With a bunch of ciders to choose from, coupled with great bartenders, tasty new food trucks, and lots of indoor and outdoor seating, I love that  I get to spend any day there. Also, an amazing part of cider is that it’s all 100 percent gluten free. With seasonal brews like Jack & Oak in the fall and slushies in the summer, they always have something new up their sleeve. They will always top my list for gluten free friendly breweries. 
Photo Credit: @glutenfreeinraleigh
  1. Fount Coffee & Kitchen – I started going to Fount even before I was officially gluten free and haven’t stopped. Everything on their menu and drink list is gluten free and there’s lots of vegan and dairy free options as well. I absolutely love their salads and stacks and somehow I always seem to walk away with a bag full of baked goods. The wall as you walk in says, “Come as you are.” Fount truly embodies that in so many positive ways. 
Photo Credit: @glutenfreeinraleigh
  1. Bella Monica – Bella Monica Homemade Italian Restaurant is family owned and operated by Chef Corbett Monica and Julie Monica and is an extension of Nana’s table. It’s often rare to find a gluten free Italian restaurant that can offer you more than a salad but Bella Monica truly offers it all. The gluten free breaded-chicken parmigiana is my absolute favorite and even comes with gluten free focaccia bread. 
Photo Credit: @glutenfreeinraleigh
  1. Arepa Culture NC – What started as a food truck has quickly become a Raleigh staple. Arepa Culture NC brings your taste buds to life with a fresh and fun Venezuelan menu. From arepas, to cachapas, to bowls, there are so many options for a delicious meal. And now you don’t even have to track down the food truck to check them out. Be sure to stop by their new brick and mortar store. 
Photo Credit: Happy + Hale
  1. Happy + Hale – Happy truly is the best way to describe a meal at Happy & Hale. With so many options for gluten free foodie, you can’t go wrong with any choice. Their breakfast egg scrambles and coffee smoothies are great to start the day and a unique bowl or salad is always a good way to finish it. The food and staff always leave me feeling energized and positive after each visit. I’ve also recently discovered them on food delivery apps which is quite dangerous for my wallet. If you need a pick-me-up, this is the spot to go. 

Written by: Julia Meder, @glutenfreeinraleigh