Liz Grandchamp’s The Shop Pop-Up This Sunday for Reproductive Rights

Raleigh food industry fixture and all-around rockstar Liz Grandchamp will host a pop-up on Sunday, July 10th at Person Street Bar from 3:00-6:00. 100% of the proceeds will go to Planned Parenthood and the Carolina Abortion Fund.

Under the umbrella of a half-dozen things Grandchamp Hospitality excels at (I’ll get there in a moment), are the New England-style sandwiches offered through The Shop. These aren’t Southern sandwiches (read: slathered in Duke’s). Instead, these are cold, generously-stacked sandwiches dressed with Hellman’s. Coupled with benefitting a great cause? Sunday is a can’t-miss event.

The Shop is the pop-up portion of Grandchamp’s overarching enterprise, which includes events and catering, porch pickups, and restaurant consulting. Her talents have been integral to businesses like Transfer Co. Food Hall, Wye Hill, J. Lights Market & Cafe, and more. 

Community Matters

Grandchamp ropes in the talents of other familiar faces in the industry for these pop-ups, like Rachel Poe, Halsey Merritt, and Andrea Cardella. She credits much of her success to local hospitality figures banding together in times of need, and that’s the case with this pop-up. 

From left to right: Poe, Cardella, and Grandchamp

Arranged on short notice, she reached out to Jeff Clarke, co-owner of Person Street Bar to see if she could use the bar to sling those sammies and raise money for abortion rights. Without hesitation, he said yes.

She also considered the timing carefully, choosing 3-6 so as not to interfere with the regular service hours of nearby friends Standard Food+Beer and (ish) delicatessen. 

You’ll see us there contributing to a great cause and enjoying some sandwiches (even if they don’t have Duke’s).

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