Let’s Help This Raleigh-Durham Couple Keep Their Cotton Candy Store After Tragic Loss Of Baby

October is Miscarriage Awareness Month and Jackie Morin, Founder of Wonderpuff, an organic cotton candy shop located at Boxyard RTP, has some sober news to share.

Photo Credit: Wonderpuff

“Rem and I couldn’t wait to share with the world that we were expecting our first child, our Wonderpuff baby. For years we believed we couldn’t have children. And on June 15 this year we found out Allah had gifted us a baby in my womb.

I spent most of my pregnancy scared. I was never pregnant before. And I was afraid of all the bad things that could happen to me. I felt like a kid again. My body was changing every day as we opened up our Wonderpuff shop and all I wanted was to make it to our baby’s birthday.

On September 26, this past Sunday I felt pain all day. Nineteen weeks into my pregnancy and I thought it was normal to feel such excruciating pain. I thought, oh man my belly must be growing. And that baby was just turning up inside me.

But the pain didn’t go away. It got worse. And then we saw blood and our biggest fear came into life. My body was going into early labor and there was nothing that could’ve been done to save our baby.” – Jackie Morin, Founder, Wonderpuff.

Photo Credit: Wonderpuff

“Though Juniper was here with us for two hours. It was the greatest two hours of our lives.

“Even though we experienced the loss of our daughter, UNC’s labor and delivery blessed us with the greatest nurse (nurse Danyell) who showed beyond Love and compassion for me, Rem, and Juniper. Immensely thank you to Dr. David for keeping me alive and delivering our sweet girl. They cared for us every step of the way as our baby was transitioning to an Angel. Wonderpuff will be closed until October 8th because our business hasn’t been doing so well,” said Morin.

Photo Credit: Wonderpuff

Here’s the link to their GoFundMe page which will be used for the business, to help them pay their bills and team members.