Hey everyone! I’m Megan, aka MagnoliaMegan, and I am on a journey to share with you new places and my favorite spots around the Raleigh area to visit each month! I want to help you discover new local spots to try each month and inspire you to explore more of the Triangle area! 

Here are a few of my top places I visited during the month of June. 

Wing it On! – Raleigh

If you love chicken wings and chicken sandwiches, you have to visit Wing it On! in Raleigh! They have tons of different sauces to choose from and they were so good! 

I loved their Nashville Hot Chicken sandwich and it tasted very similar to ones I’ve had before in Houston, Texas. The chicken sandwich was very flavorful and I loved the spices they used! 

Sassool – Cary

Next up for one of my favorite places I visited during the month of June is Sassool’s in Cary! They had some amazing Mediterranean food and I had to try their new Sharama Pita Nachos! 

The Sharama Nachos had homemade pita, chicken sharama, black bean salad, jalapeño cilantro hummus, Lebanese pickles, and tahini! I also loved their hummus which was delicious and creamy. 

Then for dessert, I had to try their baklava and chocolate dessert. Each flavor was so good and overall this place has amazing food. I definitely can’t wait to go back! 


I recently visited BIBIBOP for the first time and I have since visited again multiple times! This Asian grill in Cary has lots of healthy bowl options and is 100% gluten-free. The sweet potato noodles here are so good and is one of the main reasons why I keep coming back! The Bibi Fan Favorite bowl is really good but now I have been getting a noodle bowl with steak, broccoli, beans, carrots, corn, and cheese. Then, I top it with yum yum sauce and it’s so addicting! 

I also love their dessert that they have which is coconut pudding with mango! I like to have something sweet to eat after a meal and it is still a healthier option. They also have refreshing teas and lemonades to choose from! 

Lucettegrace – Raleigh

If you love macarons, this is definitely the place to visit! Lucettegrace has delicious macarons and pastries with so many flavors to choose from. 

Right now they have giant macaron ice cream sandwiches that taste just like a big macaron! They also have really good iced coffees and it’s such a cute little place to grab a pastry and coffee to go!

Heirloom – Raleigh

Last but not least is this cute coffee shop I found located in Raleigh. Heirloom has coffee drinks, tea, and even cocktails! 

The inside is super cute and aesthetic, and there’s a really neat area for photos right around the corner! I had to try their iced matcha latte and it was so creamy and delicious! 

If you love aesthetic coffee shops and matcha tea, definitely check out Heirloom! 

I hope you are inspired to check out these places around the Raleigh area and try something new! Stay tuned for next month with a new recap of my top favorites for the month! 

Magnolia Megan 

Big thanks to Megan for another great month of recommendations! I can’t wait to try some shawarma nachos! –PA

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