Meet the Wright sisters, Brielle (33) and Michelle (29) – together they founded The Farmers B.A.G. – “Farmers reshaping the culture of farming to build the next generation of farmers. We are Blessed, Abundant, & Gifted Black Farmers!”

They come from a family of black farmers and have a deep history and understanding of the agricultural industry. Not only do they provide resources to farmers, many of whom are in rural areas of the state, but also mental and emotional support. 

Photo Credit: Brielle Wright

Currently they have a small farm and make their own line of jams. “Our biggest challenge is finding labor because we can’t do it all on our own,” added Brielle Wright.

Another goal of The Farmers B.A.G. is to close the funding and education gap for farmers of color. They also want local produce to feed local people in need. 

Photo Credit: Brielle Wright

In North Carolina, people in nearly 590,000 households do not have enough food to eat each day. North Carolina has the 10th highest rate of food insecurity in the nation.

“Today families are dealing with the inflation, COVID-19, and navigating a new normal. Food insecurity continues to be a growing problem for many households because of these factors” added Brielle Wright 

Farmers are also struggling with the rising cost to operate their business. 

“The cost to produce food is steadily rising, however the amount farmers are paid for their products is remaining the same. added Wright.

So how can you help? The Wright sisters encourage you to know your local farmer and try to buy as much locally as you possibly can.

Photo Credit: Brielle Wright

Buy The Farmers B.A.G. jams here or in person at the Western Wake Farmers Market and the Black Farmers Market.

Brielle Wright is an A&T alumni with a degree in agriculture business. She grew up in Clarkton, NC, with parents and grandparents who have worked in farming and education. She worked for USDA APHIS in Raleigh, NC, and currently serves on the Black Farmers Market Board and The NC Community Gardeners Association. She is also a member of Farm Bureau Young Farmers & Ranchers, The NC Women of Color Farmers Association,The NC Food Advocacy Coalition, and a MANRRS Member for over 15 years.