Moving Her Company From Brooklyn, New York to Raleigh Was A No Brainer

“I fear regret much more than failure,”- Brooke Navarro, Co-Founder, Without A Trace Foods

Growing up, Brooke Navarro had severe food allergies. She also watched her mother suffer from severe allergic reactions. “I remember being on the verge of tears so many times because I felt isolated when I couldn’t eat birthday treats,” said Navarro. When she discovered one of her children had food allergies she knew it was time to take a leap of faith. “It felt like the stars were aligning with the pandemic and the opportunity to be down with her family,” said Navarro. That meant quitting her finance job, moving to the Triangle, and launching Without A Trace Foods.

“I lived in NYC for more that 15 years and it was hard to leave my friends and my whole network there,” said Navarro. Financially, it just made sense. Building a facility in Southeast Raleigh ended up being about 80 percent cheaper than the Northeast. 

Other savings included:

Housing: Saving about 50%

Childcare and school: Saving 85% (helps that grandparents also relocated to the area)

Car insurance: Insurance for 2 cars in North Carolina is cheaper than 1 car in the NYC area

Time: Commute in Brooklyn was up to 75 mins each way

Navarro and her team are currently raising money while trying to get her products into more stores. They are particularly focused on food services in colleges and universities. 

“Wherever people are hungry for options when on the go,” added Navarro.  In addition to getting the products on shelves in traditional grocery stores and retailers.

Without A Trace Foods also offers snacks your whole family will love and gives you the option to get them delivered to your doorstep every month.

Brooke Navarro is the co-founder and CEO of Without A Trace Foods, a Raleigh-based manufacturer of allergen-friendly, gluten-free snacks.  After successful careers in journalism and finance, Brooke embarked on launching Without A Trace to solve a problem she’s faced her whole life – finding a satisfying, allergen-friendly snack for on-the-go.  Without A Trace has been named one of the top start-ups to watch in The Triangle, received an NC IDEA Seed grant in 2021 and is backed by gener8tor Milwaukee, a nationally-ranked accelerator program.  Brooke has an MBA from Columbia Business School and graduated summa cum laude / Phi Beta Kappa from The George Washington University.  She is originally from Milwaukee.