Top OnlyFans Content Creator Calls Raleigh Home

Raleigh resident Melissa Dion aka Miss Red Vegan is in the top 2% of earners on the growing website It’s best known for charging subscribers for nude content and has been in the news recently saying they would start banning explicit content on the site putting some content creators’ newly found careers in jeopardy.

It was at the beginning of COVID that Dion, 41-years-old, was laid off from her job as a customer relations manager at an art museum in Massachusetts. She decided to move to Raleigh after visiting a few times but soon became frustrated when looking for work. In the Spring of 2021, with the encouragement of her Instagram followers she decided to join OnlyFans.

“I decided I was going to do lingerie, tights, and socks focus, which I felt very comfortable with,” Dion told us.

Photo Credit: Melissa Dion

“Before joining you have to decide what you want your page to be and what your boundaries are. I think people get in there and are pushed to do things they’re not comfortable with and that’s a problem of the platform,” added Dion.

Most people do not make money on OnlyFans or they make a very small amount. Dion said, “It can be discouraging if you start it, and don’t see a payoff right away.”

Photo Credit: Melissa Dion

If you want to be successful on OnlyFan she recommends gaining a large following first on other sites like Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, or TikTok. Her favorite platform is Instagram, where she has over 33K followers. Dion says her popularity began to rise after her divorce when she started posting more often, using hashtags, and engaging with other users. Her favorite topics to post about are veganism, sexism, and racism. An avid reader, Dion reads about 150 books a year, so she also enjoys discussing new things she’s learned.

Photo Credit: Melissa Dion

When it comes to her sexy photos on OnlyFans, “Part of my thought process was if any of the pictures did get out or if anyone I knew saw them, I would be proud of them,” said Dion. 

Photo Credit: Melissa Dion

“My family knows about it and loves me despite. Whether or not they agree, they keep that to themselves,” added Dion. 

Dion works on her OnlyFans page about one hour a week and, “I’m at a position where I don’t see any need to go back to a traditional job,” said Dion. She also told us she’s making well over her museum salary which was about $17/hour. 

As far as the OnlyFans platform, the policies seem to be continuously changing as they try to redefine sex work in the technology space.